Sunday, January 13, 2008

Submit your most irksome Head Scratcher™ for the Name Shame Hall of Fame™

What can you do when a product or company name makes you cringe, scratch your head, roll you eyes, or queasy? Submit it to the Name Shame Hall of Fame™, the official list of “bad names” compiled by Eat My Words. Name will be posted here weekly and we’ll vote for the #1 Head Scratcher later in the year. (Last year's trophy went Xobni, a name that meets all 5 of our submission criteria):

1. It’s difficult to pronounce the first time you see it.
(Apahcinc, Bliin, Qoop)

2. It’s meaningless unless someone explains it to you.
(Caachi, Etelos, Raketu)

3. It’s forced and unnatural sounding.
(Motiva, Fragranza, Pureology)

4. It has an unnatural spelling.
(Takkle, Flickr, Ziizoo)

5. It’s just damn annoying.
(Doostang, Thoof, Mathnasium)

Send your contender(s) for The Name Shame Hall of Fame to nameshame @ (We won’t sell your email address to spammers, we promise.)

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