Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No One Ditches My Copy Class

For the second year in a row, every Monday night this Fall I'm teaching Copy I at the Academy of Art University. My 18 students have already shown great promise, even those who want to be art directors. Right now we're working on ads and taglines to get tourists to come back to The French Quarter in New Orleans. (Best tagline so far: "Do you really need a reason?") I have lots of fun surprises in store for my students including a field trip to a real client (Mani Pedi Nail Spa), and guest speaker Sherry Treitler the hot shot 24-year old with a killer NYC agency pedigree and portfolio who I now use as my sous chef on nearly every naming project.

New Client: Anthem

Even with my adorable pink business cards, Eat My Words mints, witty emails, and repeated endorsements from Toby Sudduth and Rob Desino, getting my foot in the door at Anthem took more than a year. When they finally did call with a gig a few months ago, it was to write packaging copy for sanitary pads. We held out for something food related, and sure enough, they called with a juicy Safeway project. Now I can write off all my groceries.

New Client: Oregon Hazelnuts

I'm working with my favorite ad agency, Schiedermayer & Associates in Portland, to create a new tagline and ads for Oregon Hazelnuts. I love when product research involves eating Godiva Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream and writing it off as a deduction!

Two new naming clients....

Thanks to a gushing referal from Landor, I'm now doing naming work for Hub Strategy, the ad agency behind those hysterical Lombari Sports billboards.

I also picked up two fun naming gigs from TrueBrand, whose offices are in the old Studio Moon offices on DeBoom where I worked for a few months after the dot com crash. Still a few ghosts in there...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Client: Clif Bar

After eating my body weight in free Peanut Butter Clif Bars on the AIDS Ride a few years back, I had a real affinity for the company. So I was thrilled when Clif Bar hired me to generate some names for a new product. Of course I'm sworn to secrecy and yes, you'll be the first to know when it hits the shelves.